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A New Model in Transactional Real Estate

We like to think of ourselves as the Six Sigma Black belts of the real estate industry. That’s because our entire process is centered around helping you save money by removing waste and inefficiency, then optimizing businesses role in supporting the communities where they exist. We partner with local brokers, agents and others in the community in order to leverage their collective assets. Rather than spending so much time prospecting for clients, which doesn’t add any value to you (the client), they’re able to focus on simply providing great service, which is valuable to you. Homebuyer Pool takes on the role of marketing and prospecting for them. As a result, agents are willing to accept lower transaction fees in exchange for a stable flow of clients.

At the same time, our platform is a standalone system that doesn’t require any agent support. So if you’re a do-it-yourself type then you’ll save even more money here. Another benefit to you is the good feeling you’ll have knowing how strong our commitment is to your community and our appreciation for your business. We set aside a percentage of each transaction to donate to local non-profit organizations. So everyone wins!

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