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Scheduling inspections is a breeze. Just select the times you’re available to show in the Sellers calendar area. Buyers can also propose an alternate time. If needed.


You can post your property without all the bells and whistles or supercharge your listing with the top and featured status to make your listing more visible .


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Use the dashboard to navigate to view showing requests and offers notifications. Easily reply to accept or counter.


We know that For Sale By Owner is not for everyone. That’s why we’re always here to help . Optional agent support is on standby for your assistance. Learn more

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Don’t get squeezed when you sell your home

90% of homebuyers will find your home online themselves without help from an agent. So, why should you have to split your home equity with an agent or broker? Did they help you pay your mortgage all those years? No, of course not.

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Plus, real estate commission only makes it harder to sell when you’re squeezed between the amount you owe on a mortgage and the Fair Market Value of your property.

Think about this, you can pay a money manager only 1% to manage your entire investment portfolio, but when it’s time sell your biggest investment, your home, you have to pay up 7% or more in fees and other cost? Doesn’t makes sense does it?

What if you could reduce the excess fees when selling your property? That would free up cash for you to buy your next home. This is how we help homeowners. Only pay for what you need. If you’re an experienced homeowner then you may not need an agent to help you sell a home. But, if you do need help, we’ve pre-negotiated the lowest buyer representation rates around to make sure you’re getting the best value for the money.
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